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Nov 15 12

SARAH’S SCOOP: Marriage on the mind? Q’s Top 10 Marriage Proposals



Do you hear bells?  It isn’t the ringing of jingle bells on Santa’s slay, it is the ringing of marriage bells as we enter into marriage season. If you are feeling inspired to pop the question this season, keep in mind that your beautiful bride will be telling the story of how you proposed to friends and strangers for the rest of her life! She has dreamed about this day since she was a little girl, so make it extra special for her. To get those creative juices flowing below are the top 10 marriage proposals as voted on by Q’s couples (not listed in a specific order).

1) If your love likes challenges, send her on a treasure hunt. Start with a creative clue at home; then send her on a tour of your favorite spots. When she gets to the last hint, the prize should be you on one knee. Pop, there goes the question!

2) If your love would want her family and friends close, gather them for a party get some custom T-shirts bearing one of the letters in the phrase “Will you marry me?” When you walk into the room with your love, suggest a group picture and let the shirts speak for themselves. Or, do the same concept in your love’s favorite spot.

3) If your love is a simple romantic, turn off all the lights in your home and make a trail of candles with rose petals that leads to a red-velvet ribbon tied from one spot in your home to another. Attach little notes recalling perfect moments in your relationship along the way. The last note will be one that says, “will you marry me” and you can whip out the ring and get on one knee when she gets to that one.

4) If your love is a foodie, put together a gift basket of her favorite yummy delicacies, get it sent to her in the mail to her home when you both will be there and then hide the ring among the food presents (Keep the ring in its box, so it doesn’t get lost in the goodies). When she stumbles on the ring, get down on one knee and ask her to marry you.

5) If your love likes to flex her cerebral muscles, create your own crossword puzzle in the newspaper with a corresponding advertisement that has a picture of you down on one knee and ring extended.  Complete the puzzle with her and then once she reads the line “Would you marry me?” turn the page to you down on one knee and do the real life version as well with ring in hand.

6) If your love is outdoorsy, have one of your friends set up a picnic — complete with wine and cheese for you in a park. Take your girlfriend for a hike on a route where you’ll stumble upon this surprise proposal picnic with ring in basket and when she finds it ask her to be yours.

7) If your love tends to be more posh, spontaneously call her and have her meet you at her favorite high-end hotel bar. When it’s time to go, casually mention that you’ve already reserved a room for the night. When you open the hotel room door, have roses, candles and champagne all set up — everything for a perfect surprise proposal.

8)If your love likes to be the center of attention, make her feel like a movie star and set your proposal to the scene of her favorite romantic movie (i.e. Flash Mob from Friends with Benefits) or write her a romantic love song and serenade her with the proposal at the promenade.

9) If your love is more of an old soul, tell her you want to make a time capsule together to bury and dig up years in 10 years. As you’re gathering the items for the capsule, say it wouldn’t be complete without a picture of the moment you two got engaged! Have a camera ready to take that shot right after you present her with the ring.

10) If your love is simple and quarky, spell your proposal out in glow-in-the-dark star stickers on your ceiling. Get into bed, turn the lights off and wait for the inevitable gasp.

Let Q help you create and execute a proposal completely unique for your love. We will provide our planning for the proposal for free with contracting one of our planners for the wedding planning.

Congrats–you found the love of your life-its make it official! Have the wedding of your dreams!


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